Our apologies - if you have sent in a info request recently, please resend, discovered a glitch on the server.

Our apologies - if you have sent in a info request recently, please resend, we discovered a glitch on the server.

Non-Profit Hosting

Our already affordable hosting is budget wise for businesses and non-profits alike. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

Tech Savvy?

If you are tech savvy and can tackle doing it all yourself, you can get a site hosted for less elsewhere. If you need some help setting up or think you have 'dumb' quesitons - been there done that, come on board.


Simple static site. Content management of many flavors. Custom code for dynamic uploading that adds links to a page of newsletters or recipes, for example. Coming soon - maps with your data displayed.


Did you see the Get Hyped for Halftime Pepsi commercial with Lee Bryce? Our store front in Milligan, Nebraska can be seen a few times...let me tell you the 3 days they were filming were far from ordinary. Pepsi Get Hyped for Half-time 2014But lest you believe everything you hear, our small town isn't as boring as it made us seem. In June 2013, we celebrated 125 years with a Sawyer Brown concert highlighting our annual June Jubilee. (you can see the whole commercial on Youtube)

Contact PC Nuts Hosting

We work locally in Fillmore County, central Nebraska, statewide, nationwide. We have nearly 24/7/365 support and clients in 2 time zones (3 during daylight savings time).

Please email us using support at pcnutshoting.com or call 402-366-4267 / 402-629-4459
PC Nuts 511 Main Milligan, Nebraska 68406

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About The Family

Gerald began dinking with computers when Apple first hit the streets. He has a Bachelors degree in Agronomy and Ag-Economics from Univeristy of Nebraska -Lincoln and spends a lot of time building and repairing - whether it is a combine, tractor or computer. He started buying used computers at state surplus auctions, refurb and sell. He developed websites for local businesses and government agencies.

Gerald met Kim on-line (yes, the E-Harmony commercials are true), and she fit into the computer business just fine. Kim has a Bachelors degree in Forest Management and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering, GIS from University of Colorado - Denver. Her first computer programs were written in BASIC and COBOL, put on punch cards and run on the school main frame. In her first forestry job, she dove into dBASE programming to improve efficiency for finding landowners of over 4800 land parcels that needed to be informed of an aerial spray program, then generated labels and combined multiple parcels for one owner - reducing letters printed, envelopes stuffed and postage used. During her next forestry job she designed the first website for the division and became computer technical specialist in addition to maintaining work in the woods.

Family farmers in America have had to diversify their work load to survive the ups and downs that go with the commodity markets. PC Nuts and PC Nuts Hosting evolved to include custom programming and website design, keeping up with changing technology. And if you need some assitance with a logo design, Kim's sister Jamie is an artist and works with them when needed. She designed the PC Nuts logo on the left.

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