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The following chart shows current package specifications and pricing. Not included is a domain name of your choice, at an additional cost. We can procure the domain for you from our vendor, or you can obtain it and point the nameservers to our host.

If you need some other particulars than the ones listed, please contact us to discuss a special package. Prices are subject to change.

Package Peanut.Honey Roasted Peanut.PecanPine.Pistachio
Select PeanutSelect Honey Roasted PeanutSelect PecanSelect PineSelect Pistachio
FTP Accounts
Email acts 10.10.35100.350
Email lists
MySQL databases .1.24.6
Domains allowed(1)
Subdomains unlimited.unlimited.unlimitedunlimited.unlimited
Content Mgt System (2) ...
Control Panel .Cpanel.CpanelCpanel.Cpanel
Free Scripts ...
SSL/eCommerce ..Shared.Individual
Example sizes ...
Size (space in mb) 2000.2000.500010000.50000
Size (avg pages) 10.10.2560.>=100
Bandwidth (mb/mo) 10000.10000.50000100000.500000
Support ...
Email (24 hr response) ...
Phone (9-6 Central Time) ...
Per mo $10.$12.$18$35.$75
Per yr $100.$120.$180$350.$800

 (1) multiple domains pointing to the same web index page/site. maximum number..
     (2) Drupal, WordPress, etc are available, support level varies...